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Hikari Nova Brand Assets

Here, you'll find various versions of our official logos, designed to suit different needs and contexts. Each logo reflects our commitment to transparency and innovation in the trading sector. We encourage you to utilize these assets appropriately to maintain the integrity and consistency of our brand. Please refer to our detailed usage guidelines below to understand how to correctly apply Hikari Nova's brand elements in your projects and communications.

User Guidelines

General Usage

  • Consistency: Maintain the integrity and visual impact of the logos by not altering their proportions, colors, or composition in any way.

  • Clear Space: Always ensure there is sufficient clear space around the logo. This should be at least equal to the height of the 'H' in Hikari to ensure the logo remains uncluttered.

  • Backgrounds: Logos should only be placed on solid, neutral backgrounds that do not diminish their visibility or integrity.

Specific Use Cases

  • Print: For print materials, use the CMYK versions of the logos provided to ensure color fidelity.

  • Digital: For online use, employ the RGB versions of the logos. Ensure logos are downloaded at the correct resolution to maintain clarity.

  • Merchandise: When using the logo on merchandise, seek approval from our marketing team to ensure the representations are correct.

Prohibited Uses

  • Modification: Do not modify or alter the logos in any way that is not provided within our brand assets kit.

  • Combining: Avoid using the logos in a manner that suggests a partnership or endorsement without explicit written consent from Hikari Nova.

  • Derivative Works: Creating derivative versions of the logos for public or commercial use is strictly prohibited without prior permission.


  • Copyright: The logos and brand marks are proprietary to Hikari Nova. They are offered for use under specific conditions and may not be reproduced, sold, or distributed without permission.

  • Attribution: Attribution to Hikari Nova is not necessary when using the logos under the approved guidelines but is appreciated.

If you are unsure about logo usage or have specific scenarios not covered by these guidelines, please contact our Branding Team for further assistance.

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