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Simplify Everyday Trading With Hikari Nova


Automating Online Trading for Everyone

Making Online Trading Easier

Pioneering a new era of accessible and innovative online trading, our platform redefines market interaction. With a commitment to transparency and simplicity, we eliminate traditional trading barriers, welcoming everyone from beginners to seasoned traders. 

Our Automated Online Trading engine, designed for precision and efficiency, ensures a seamless experience. Integrating cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface, we empower users to navigate the markets confidently and effortlessly. This is a movement towards uncomplicated, rewarding trading—where every trade moves you closer to your financial goals.

Keeping it Fair

In alignment with our mission to make online trading accessible and fair for all, we have a straightforward fixed monthly fee. It’s our way of ensuring that you can plan your online trading journey with confidence, knowing that the tools you need are available at a transparent and consistent price.

Complementing our fixed monthly fee, we also offer a percentage fee model based exclusively on the profits you earn. This performance-based pricing structure is designed to align our success with yours, ensuring that we only benefit when you do. It’s a testament to our confidence in the value our platform provides, offering you the flexibility to choose a pricing model that best suits your online trading strategy and goals.

Making Online Trading Easier


Meet the Team

Sammy Salmela


With a background in e-learning and online education, Sammy is passionate about using technology to create accessible and innovative solutions. Sammy brings his expertise to the table, helping to create an automated online trading platform.

Making Online Trading Easier
Michael Mammela



With over 20 years of experience in finance and a passion for empowering individuals to take control of their financial future, Michael is committed to creating an automated online trading platform that levels the playing field and makes trading accessible to everyone.

Making Online Trading Easier
Jarmo Harju


Jarmo boasts an impressive background in software development and a finger always on the pulse of the tech industry. Jarmo contributes over 20 years of experience to help us craft a secure, scalable, and innovative automated online trading platform. His technical expertise is instrumental in driving our vision of a democratized financial future.

Making Online Trading Easier

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